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          中科院分區: 不限 1區 2區 3區 4區

          期刊收錄: 不限 SCI SCIE

          Energy Science & Engineering

          Energy Science & Engineering

          簡稱:ENERGY SCI ENG



          研究方向:Engineering - Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality



          出版周期:6 issues/year


          Energy Science & Engineering英文簡介

          Energy Science & Engineering is a peer reviewed, open access journal dedicated to fundamental and applied research on energy and supply and use. Published as a co-operative venture of Wiley and SCI (Society of Chemical Industry), the journal offers authors a fast route to publication and the ability to share their research with the widest possible audience of scientists, professionals and other interested people across the globe. Securing an affordable and low carbon energy supply is a critical challenge of the 21st century and the solutions will require collaboration between scientists and engineers worldwide. This new journal aims to facilitate collaboration and spark innovation in energy research and development. Due to the importance of this topic to society and economic development the journal will give priority to quality research papers that are accessible to a broad readership and discuss sustainable, state-of-the art approaches to shaping the future of energy. This multidisciplinary journal will appeal to all researchers and professionals working in any area of energy in academia, industry or government, including scientists, engineers, consultants, policy-makers, government officials, economists and corporate organisations.

          Energy Science & Engineering中文簡介

          《Energy Science & Engineering》是一本由WILEY出版商出版的專業工程技術期刊,該刊創刊于2012年,刊期6 issues/year,該刊已被國際權威數據庫SCIE收錄。在中科院最新升級版分區表中,該刊分區信息為大類學科:工程技術 3區,小類學科:能源與燃料 4區;在JCR(Journal Citation Reports)分區等級為Q3。該刊發文范圍涵蓋能源與燃料等領域,旨在及時、準確、全面地報道國內外能源與燃料工作者在該領域取得的最新研究成果、工作進展及學術動態、技術革新等,促進學術交流,鼓勵學術創新。2021年影響因子為4.035,平均審稿速度11 Weeks。


          大類學科 分區 小類學科 分區 Top期刊 綜述期刊
          工程技術 3區 ENERGY & FUELS 能源與燃料 4區


          大類學科 分區 小類學科 分區 Top期刊 綜述期刊
          工程技術 3區 ENERGY & FUELS 能源與燃料 4區



          JCR分區等級 JCR所屬學科 分區 影響因子
          Q3 ENERGY & FUELS Q3 4.035


          影響因子 h-index Gold OA文章占比 研究類文章占比 OA開放訪問 平均審稿速度
          4.035 16 96.56% 93.30% 開放 11 Weeks


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