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          大類學科: 不限 醫學 生物 物理 化學 農林科學 數學 地學天文 地學 環境科學與生態學 綜合性期刊 管理科學 社會科學 查看全部熱門領域

          中科院分區: 不限 1區 2區 3區 4區

          期刊收錄: 不限 SCI SCIE






          研究方向:Energy - Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment


          出版地:United Kingdom

          出版周期:6 issues/year



          Current energy systems need a vast transformation to meet the key demands of the 21st century: reduced environmental impact, economic viability and efficiency. An essential part of this energy revolution is bioenergy.

          The movement towards widespread implementation of first generation biofuels is still in its infancy, requiring continued evaluation and improvement to be fully realised. Problems with current bioenergy strategies, for example competition over land use for food crops, do not yet have satisfactory solutions. The second generation of biofuels, based around cellulosic ethanol, are now in development and are opening up new possibilities for future energy generation. Recent advances in genetics have pioneered research into designer fuels and sources such as algae have been revealed as untapped bioenergy resources.

          As global energy requirements change and grow, it is crucial that all aspects of the bioenergy production process are streamlined and improved, from the design of more efficient biorefineries to research into biohydrogen as an energy carrier. Current energy infrastructures need to be adapted and changed to fulfil the promises of biomass for power generation.

          Biofuels provides a forum for all stakeholders in the bioenergy sector, featuring review articles, original research, commentaries, news, research and development spotlights, interviews with key opinion leaders and much more, with a view to establishing an international community of bioenergy communication.

          As biofuel research continues at an unprecedented rate, the development of new feedstocks and improvements in bioenergy production processes provide the key to the transformation of biomass into a global energy resource. With the twin threats of climate change and depleted fossil fuel reserves looming, it is vitally important that research communities are mobilized to fully realize the potential of bioenergy.


          《Biofuels-uk》是一本由Taylor and Francis Ltd.出版商出版的專業工程技術期刊,該刊創刊于2010年,刊期6 issues/year,該刊已被國際權威數據庫SCIE收錄。在中科院最新升級版分區表中,該刊分區信息為大類學科:工程技術 4區,小類學科:能源與燃料 4區;在JCR(Journal Citation Reports)分區等級為Q4。該刊發文范圍涵蓋能源與燃料等領域,旨在及時、準確、全面地報道國內外能源與燃料工作者在該領域取得的最新研究成果、工作進展及學術動態、技術革新等,促進學術交流,鼓勵學術創新。2021年影響因子為2.731,


          大類學科 分區 小類學科 分區 Top期刊 綜述期刊
          工程技術 4區 ENERGY & FUELS 能源與燃料 4區


          大類學科 分區 小類學科 分區 Top期刊 綜述期刊
          工程技術 4區 ENERGY & FUELS 能源與燃料 4區



          JCR分區等級 JCR所屬學科 分區 影響因子
          Q4 ENERGY & FUELS Q4 2.731


          影響因子 h-index Gold OA文章占比 研究類文章占比 OA開放訪問 平均審稿速度
          2.731 34 1.99% 96.10% 未開放 --


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