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          大類學科: 不限 醫學 生物 物理 化學 農林科學 數學 地學天文 地學 環境科學與生態學 綜合性期刊 管理科學 社會科學 查看全部熱門領域

          中科院分區: 不限 1區 2區 3區 4區

          期刊收錄: 不限 SCI SCIE

          Acta Histochemica

          Acta Histochemica

          簡稱:ACTA HISTOCHEM



          研究方向:生物 - 細胞生物學





          Acta Histochemica英文簡介

          Acta histochemica, a journal of structural biochemistry of cells and tissues, publishes original research articles, short communications, reviews, letters to the editor, meeting reports and abstracts of meetings. The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for the cytochemical and histochemical research community in the life sciences, including cell biology, biotechnology, neurobiology, immunobiology, pathology, pharmacology, botany, zoology and environmental and toxicological research. The journal focuses on new developments in cytochemistry and histochemistry and their applications. Manuscripts reporting on studies of living cells and tissues are particularly welcome. Understanding the complexity of cells and tissues, i.e. their biocomplexity and biodiversity, is a major goal of the journal and reports on this topic are especially encouraged. Original research articles, short communications and reviews that report on new developments in cytochemistry and histochemistry are welcomed, especially when molecular biology is combined with the use of advanced microscopical techniques including image analysis and cytometry. Letters to the editor should comment or interpret previously published articles in the journal to trigger scientific discussions. Meeting reports are considered to be very important publications in the journal because they are excellent opportunities to present state-of-the-art overviews of fields in research where the developments are fast and hard to follow. Authors of meeting reports should consult the editors before writing a report. The editorial policy of the editors and the editorial board is rapid publication. Once a manuscript is received by one of the editors, an editorial decision about acceptance, revision or rejection will be taken within a month. It is the aim of the publishers to have a manuscript published within three months after the manuscript has been accepted

          Acta Histochemica中文簡介

          《Acta Histochemica》是一本由ELSEVIER GMBH出版商出版的專業生物期刊,該刊創刊于1954年,刊期Quarterly,該刊已被國際權威數據庫SCI、SCIE收錄。在中科院最新升級版分區表中,該刊分區信息為大類學科:生物 4區,小類學科:細胞生物學 4區;在JCR(Journal Citation Reports)分區等級為Q4。該刊發文范圍涵蓋細胞生物學等領域,旨在及時、準確、全面地報道國內外細胞生物學工作者在該領域取得的最新研究成果、工作進展及學術動態、技術革新等,促進學術交流,鼓勵學術創新。2021年影響因子為2.147,平均審稿速度平均3月。


          大類學科 分區 小類學科 分區 Top期刊 綜述期刊
          生物學 4區 CELL BIOLOGY 細胞生物學 4區


          大類學科 分區 小類學科 分區 Top期刊 綜述期刊
          生物 4區 CELL BIOLOGY 細胞生物學 4區



          JCR分區等級 JCR所屬學科 分區 影響因子
          Q4 CELL BIOLOGY Q4 2.147


          影響因子 h-index Gold OA文章占比 研究類文章占比 OA開放訪問 平均審稿速度
          2.147 44 4.56% 95.96% 未開放 平均3月


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